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Vision Statement

Our Vision, Mission and Beliefs

The Vision Statement was developed by all educators, all students, and members of the community and is reviewed and updated annually. The foundation of the statement identifies the core convictions upon which this school improvement plan is built and answers the question, "What do our students deserve in order to be successful learners, responsible citizens, and productive members of a global economy?" The second part of the vision statement describes ideal adults who are striving to provide students with the things they deserve in order to achieve at a rigorous level. The third part of the vision statement describes ideal students in a school and community where adults live by their convictions. The last part of the vision statement includes ideal data that represent the community’s dreams. This lofty data serves as the focal point for the remainder of the school improvement plan and requires the school and community to work toward every student succeeding at a high level.

We believe all students deserve:
to receive high quality, engaging instruction provided in a safe environment that is conductive to student learning. We believe all students deserve the opportunity and encouragement to succeed, and to pursue higher education. We further believe that all students deserve adequate resources and additional academic support as needed, in order to master grade appropriate benchmarks and Indiana Academic Standards.

All adults in our community are living by these core convictions daily and as a result, show the following attitudes and actions:
hold high expectations of students in order to prepare them for the future, participate in after school activities and conferences, provide differentiated as well as research based instruction to meet the needs of all students, provide engaging work and lessons for students, and employ a variety of materials and strategies to reach all students.

In this environment where all adults are living by their core convictions, all students:
are engaged, motivated lifelong learners who value education and accept responsibility for their actions and learning.